Presentations & Workshops


  • Ancestry DNA: Tools, Tips & Tricks
  • Introduction to GEDmatch: Tools for Analyzing DNA
  • Parents for William: A Case Study  using DNA & the Paper Trail
  • The Non-Scientist's Introduction to Genetic Genealogy and DNA
Land Records
  • Federal Land Records: Digging for Ancestors at the BLM Website
  • Land Records: Using Indexes and Deeds to Move Your Research Forward
  • Searching for Land Records
  • Using Homestead Records to Tell your Ancestor's Story
  • Cluster Research Using the FAN Principle (Friends, Associates and Neighbors)
  • Research Plans: Your Road Map to Success
  • The Genealogical Proof Standard's Essential Concepts: Or How to Analyze Your Records

  • Google Photos: Collect, Organize, Preserve and Share

  • Exercises in Document Analysis
  • Federal Land Platting Workshop
  • Reasonably Exhaustive Research: How Exhausting is it?
  • Using Federal Census Records 1850-Present
Presentations "under construction"
  • Anatomy of a Homestead File
  • Life on the Trail West
  • Research Logs and Reports: Keeping Track of What You Find
  • Google Searches to Move Your Research Forward 
  • Using the Census to Tell Your Family Stories

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